Tuesday, March 5, 2013

*Wisdom Teeth*

Yesterday, I got my wisdom teeth out! Hooray!
Well 3 of them. The 4th wasn't necessary. Thank goodness! 
My parents, sister-in-law, nephew and I arrive at the dentists office.
Many would ask me if I was nervous and how I was feeling.
I wasn't nervous at all and I was feeling great!
The sit me down in the chair of doom and 3 assistants where there waiting for me.
One of which was a really cute RM who went to Brazil.
The assistant that was really cute was by my side the whole time I was awake.
As he was taking my vitals, I noticed my pulse fire rocketed.
It went from the 80s to 97 in seconds.
I didn't want to look if it even hit 100.
He asked me if I was nervous to see if that's why it was so fast.
I wasn't.
He was just super cute!
He put the laughing gas on me and my pulse went down to 79.
I had the laughing gas on for about 10 minutes or longer.
The doctor finally walked in.
He put the shot in my arm.
And within 5 seconds I was out.
In other words I remember nothing after that.
The really cute assistant was still right where he was when I woke up.
He helped me into the wheelchair and they wheeled me out.
When you get your wisdom teeth out, 
You get very loopy,
Don't exactly know what you're saying,
Don't really care what you're saying,
And apparently you get a custom made smoothie from Roxberry.
Chocolate Coconut.
I asked my sister-in-law what time it was and she said 1:30.
When I sat in the chair of doom the assistants said it was 11:30.
I couldn't believe 2 hours had past.
When I got home the anesthesia (drugs) wore down.
I was starting to realize what was going on.
My family was wanting me to lay down.
But I didn't want too.
I felt great!
My friend Tiffany came over!
 She brought me Chocolate Pudding and Peach Ice Cream.
Oh how delicious they are!
Thank you Tiffany!

The scarf I have on (picture on the left) is what I get for being a future sister missionary! Boy get ties :)
My sister-in-law showed me the video after my wisdom teeth.
I may post it on here if your lucky.
Tiffany and I then went to Kneaders, her house and Wal*Mart.
At Wal*Mart we saw our adorable friend Anna!
I had a hard time getting around because I got to roll around in a electric wheelchair.
I would hit anything and everything that was near me.
Trust me, those things are hard to drive!
We looked around and my two lovely friends got a few missionary clothes!
Oh how excited I am for them.
They will be great missionaries.

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